Facebook Free February (f3.)

The purpose of facebook free february (f3.) is not just isolated to facebook, but rather social media as a whole.

facebook free february (f3.). I replace my profile photo with this. By all means use it, or create your own.

Quite simply every February I make the conscious effort to logout, and stay logged out. This means disabling all notifications, apps, and never checking any social media account for a month. Hardly a real sacrifice of course, but I am always surprised how much I scroll when I stop.

Does every spare moment we have need to be filled with Instagram photos? Do we really need to check facebook again (again) while waiting for [insert anything and everything here]?

By the way, the irony of this post is not lost on me.

If you come along for f3., you will become well aware of the multitude of quiet spaces you normally fill with "soft information"—media noise which, and I don't think I am wrong in saying here, is hardly life affirming at the best of times. I mean how many times do we need to check each other's feeds for new posts, or re-read "trending" stories? Do we really need to see another motivational infographic, read the latest research commentary, save a shared link (for later that never comes), or need to know what our connections have been up to in the last hour?

I'm not saying it's all bad, I'm just saying we are missing out on what it felt like growing up in the 80's.

I know you know there was a time before notifications. It's weird to imagine it though, I mean trying to remember what we were thinking about, when we were not either reading about what other people were doing, or posting about what we were doing for other people to read.

Life is odd in the information age, it's like something only exists if there is someone else to witness it. Post it, or it didn't happen. Worst, there is this addictive pull to view everything we do through the lens of a social media post. Share or nothing.

When was the last event you witnessed without witnessing even just part of it through your smartphone? Sometimes a picture costs a thousand memories.

We appear to have all become journalists, never being somewhere for being there, but being there for someone else. That the whole worth of doing something is for sharing it.

But when I say "sharing", I mean like two people sharing a meal by simultaneously taking photos of their plates and spending the rest of their time checking for likes. Bon app-etit.

I need not say much more on this.