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The first rule of rice club: you do talk about rice club.
The second rule of rice club: you DO talk about rice club!

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Eat rice train repeat

A central principle of useful. coaching is using nutrition as a lever, changing the state of the body during the windows of time when the body is under the most load.

It’s viewing pre-session nutrition not as just energy provision “fuelling”, but rather as the means to…

Fundamentally strength and conditioning improvements are about creating the necessary training stimulus, and applying nutrition to augment and “convert” that stimulus into physical adaptations. Nutrition is both the signalling and the substrates for changing physiology.

Having now coached over 300 clients, the practice that produces real-world results, is consuming a significant amount of protein and carbohydrate before sessions, not just “having a snack”.

Consuming ≥60g of carbohydrate pre-session is where you will noticeably feel the difference. One client said his minimum threshold was 75g, and that since applying this strategy he has had some of the best board climbing sessions of his life.

Applying this strategy, feedback is…


The most versatile and gut friendly practice, is using cooked rice. Pair your rice with an easy digesting protein source such as a whey or a plant-based protein shake providing ~25g protein per serving.

I personally eat 250g of cooked basmati rice, a banana, and caramel wafer. This provides ~100g of carbs. “Carb stacking” like this allows you to easily eat more. For my typical 2-2.5-hour mixed training and climbing sessions, I use this strategy before and immediately afterward So it is a cumulative ~200g carbohydrate, and ~60g protein across the training window. — Tom Herbert (@usefulcoach)

How I cook rice

This recipe will produce 3 cups of cooked rice. I personally use basmati (Tilda), but this should work for most rice varieties.

Jason’s onigiri blocks

My coaching client Jason Leddington came up with onigiri rice blocks!

I often make several blocks at a time but try to use them within 24 hours, as they start to harden if they’re refrigerated for too long. If I know that I’m going to train after work, I’ll take a block with me and eat it while I’m walking to the car for the drive home, or even as I drive. — Jason Leddington (@the8aproject)