Climbing Nutrition Coaching

International online bespoke nutrition coaching for climbers looking to improve their strength to weight ratio, power reserve, endurance conditioning, training recovery, and more.
Aidan Roberts. Shosholoza 8a+, Rocklands, South Africa, 2018. Credit: Nathan Philips

Climbing performance and longevity are ultimately the product of consistent training and recovery. However due to the weight sensitivity of the sport, eating habits and attitudes to food are often influenced by the desire to stay as lean as possible, often at the expense of progressive development.

Climbers are often unaware of how powerful they could feel if they ate appropriately for their sport, not spending the majority of their time avoiding certain foods (e.g. carbohydrate) and / or chronically chasing weight-loss.

Fat-loss and performance are not mutually exclusive goals, and can be achieved with the right nutrition strategies. Perodised context specific sports nutrition is effective, and enables you to lower your body fat, train harder, recover better, and perform at your very peak.


Coaching Service

International remote clients are welcome!

  • Professional solution-focused climbing nutrition coaching
  • Dedicated fat-loss blocks with least performance impact
  • Fuelling strategies for augmenting endurance, strength, power training blocks
  • Overreaching block strategies and fatique recovery
  • Competition, project, event preparation and strategies
  • Nutrition support for finger training and injury recovery
  • Transitioning from previous diets: low-carbohydrate high-fat / ketogenic
  • Support for dietary considerations: FODMAP / PCOS / gluten free / vegan / paleo
  • Supplement and ergogenic aid guidance
  • Lattice Training program support

I have no bias towards any particular diet strategy, but work with you to establish the most effective means of maintaining progress towards improved sleep, health, performance, and your target body-composition goals.

Dependable Professional Experience

  • Accredited Anti-Doping Advisor (UKAD)
  • International Society of Sports Nutrition (CISSN)
  • Working with professional Team GB climbers and paraclimbers, providing nutrition coaching during the off-season, competition preparation, isolation feeding strategies, and have been consultated within hours of competing in the World Championships.
  • Working with paraclimbers managing Ehlers–Danlos syndromes (EDS), Postural tachycardia syndrome (PoTS), using gluten free, FODMAP free, and higher sodium diets.
  • Supporter of the #TRAINBRAVE campaign raising awareness of the risks of eating disorders and RED-s.
  • Co-host the ClimbSci Podcast - Better Climbing Through Science with Brian Rigby (Climbing Nutrition), which can be found on iTunes and other podcast software.
  • Level 3 Qualified Personal Trainer

Notable Athletes

Coaching Packages

Currently taking coaching slots for start dates from April 2020Apply for Coaching

Over our time together, my goal to help you discover and develop the habits and practices that will enable you to achieve your desired goals. Ultimately this will happen through your dedication, accountability, asking questions, and regular feedback.

Coaching is a completely bespoke process, where we work together to understand what strategies will work best for you at specific times, and in relation to where you currently are, and what events you have coming up.

Coaching service quality and provision are the same for both online coaching and mixed coaching clients. However mixed coaching clients have access to in-person assessments and analysis which help inform the coaching process.

Though coaching slots are booked months in advance, pricing will be fixed to the listed price at the time of your deposit being paid. Due to limited spaces and scheduling available, deposits are non-refundable if your circumstances change and you are unable start. All payments have a £3 processing fee added.

If you have any questions about anything, please contact:

[Online] Climbing Nutrition Coaching

£500 / 3 months (minimum)

  • Direct messaging account for daily correspondence
  • Video conference calls (optional if required)
  • Online diet tracking software
  • Online worksheets for body-composition tracking, strategy planning and event calender
  • Coaching client exclusive articles, resources, and recommendations
  • Free access to paywalled usefulcoach ebooks, and videos (available upon release)

£50 deposit to book coaching start date.
Remaining £450 paid upon starting.
Extended coaching subscription available for £150 per month thereafter.

[Mixed] Climbing Nutrition Coaching

£600 / 3 months (minimum)

  • [Online] Climbing Nutrition Coaching, including:
  • Body Fat (7 skinfolds) assessment
  • Metabolic Analysis for baseline profile and
    • Ergospirometry: PNOĒ
    • Resting Energy Expenditure (REE): Metabolic rate measurement (kcal/day)
    • Resting Respiratory Ratio (R): Ratio of carbohydrate:fat usage (RQ)
  • Discounted: subsequent dual assessment and analysis sessions
  • Discounted: Be Activated / Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR®) sessions

£50 deposit to book coaching start date.
£100 to book assessment and analysis session.
Remaining £450 paid upon starting.
Extended coaching subscription available for £150 per month thereafter.

[Mixed] Climbing Nutrition Coaching (MetPlus)

Coming in 2020!

  • [Mixed] Climbing Nutrition Coaching, including:
  • Metabolic Analysis sessions to track metabolic adaptations1
    • Ergospirometry: PNOĒ
    • Resting Energy Expenditure (REE): Metabolic rate measurement (kcal/day)
    • Resting Respiratory Ratio (R): Ratio of carbohydrate:fat usage (RQ)
  • Climbing metabolic analysis to understand energy and substrate usage during climbing
    • Ergospirometry: PNOĒ
    • Analysis sessions spread to understand nutrition and training impact2
    • Respiratory Ratio (R): Ratio of carbohydrate:fat usage (RQ) during climbing and exercise
    • VO2 / VCO2 / VO2Max: Extended respiratory condition testing
    • Providing specific aerobic / anaerobic training zone programming
  • Blood Biomarker testing
    • Testing to understand nutrition and training impact2
    • Dashboard for tracking blood markers over time.
    • Key biomarkers include: Haemogloblin, Haematocrit, Vitamin D, Cortisol, Testosterone, and more.

Climbing Nutrition Consultations

1 Hour / £100

For those who do not need full coaching support, I am available for video or in-person consultations.3 You prepare a number of questions beforehand, and I can then answer and discuss them with you.

Apply for Coaching

Due to the nature of the service, coaching slots are very limited, subject to selection, and the waiting list is currently 6 months.

This allows me to provide the best dedicated support I can to just a handful of people at a time, and importantly allows you as a client get the most out of the program.

I am happy to work with climbers of all experience levels, however I require clients to fulfil the following criteria:

  • You must have a regular climbing / training schedule, and are logging / tracking your progress, or…
  • You are about to start a scheduled climbing / training program (e.g., Lattice Training)
  • You have a clear goal (or goals) behind asking for coaching, and know what you want help achieving
  • You are prepared to work within dietary targets, and provide bi-weekly weight and tape measurements

If you can say yes to the above points and want to apply for a coaching slot:

If you would like to clarify your suitability for coaching, please email me:


  1. Metabolic analysis available as in-person consultation only. 

  2. Testing dates may vary depending on availability.  2

  3. In-person consultations available only within London, UK.