Climbing Nutrition Coaching

Comprehensive climbing nutrition coaching. Train harder and recover faster than anyone else!
Aidan Roberts

Rock climbing performance, climbing sport longevity, and your optimal climbing body composition are ultimately the product of the quality and consistancy of your training volume and recovery. The purpose of useful. is supporting your highest workloads possible, providing you the strategies to do more, and recover faster than anyone else.

Coaching Services

Coaching is available internationally, online, and offers direct text messaging, and unlimited video calls.

useful. does not offer public discounts, because I think it’s just marketing shenanigans. However I am always happy to discuss pricing and payment plans privately based on your circumstances, so just ask.

useful. / unlimited

£400 for 6 weeks
Extend further from £100 per month!

  • Cognitive Behavioural Nutrition
  • Unlimited video calls, we meet as much as you want!
  • Direct text messaging, for weekly correspondence and collaboration
  • Google sheet detailing nutrition programming and strategies
  • Over 25,000 words of online coaching documentation and resources
  • Cronometer Gold Subscription, the most accurate, comprehensive nutrition tracking app
  • Sequence Training Subscription, climbing and training scheduling and tracking platform
  • Free access to paywalled articles and resources
  • Free seats to online events, workshops, AMA
  • UK only / Discounted DEXA and 3D body composition analysis
  • UK only / Discounted blood testing and health biomarker profiling
  • UK only / Discounted RMR, VO2 Max metabolic testing

useful. / consultation

£200 for 2 hours
Can be converted to coaching later!

A single deep dive video call, where we go over your current nutrition, lifestyle, and training plan. I help you identify what may be limiting you and what you can optomise. Bring all your questions, ponderings, and thoughts.

After this consulation you can continue as a coaching client with unlimited video calls, or adjust your coaching subscription to the support level you need. See extension pricing below.

You will be redirected to book your call automatically after payment through Stripe. Any questions,

Extend your coaching time

useful. / unlimited coaching is £400 for 6 weeks, then £200 per month with unlimited video calls.

You can adjust your coaching subscription after your initial 6 weeks to the support level you need.

If you are a returning client, you come back on the monthly subscription pricing.

Why work with Tom Herbert?

Since August 2019, Tom Herbert has supported a mix of over 300 professional and amateur sport and boulder climbers from around the world in 24 countries.

Tom has worked with a number of professional IFSC ranked competition climbers and paraclimbers representing the UK, USA, Ukraine, and Saudi Arabia national teams. Outside the competition circuit, he continues to support climbers pushing the highest limits of their sport.

useful. coaching has supported athletes working with: ROAP coaching, Lattice Training, Power Company Climbing, Camp4 Human Performance, Precision Climbing, Kaizen Climbing Coaching, Natasha Barnes, and many more independent coaching providers.

An outlier amongst his peers, contrasting the standard consultation model, Tom’s conversation-led “long form coaching” approach provides clients with unlimited video support calls—over 2200 hours of conversations so far! With a genuine interest in people and their stories, his empathetic and patient approach has seen him supporting transgender athletes, neurodiverse individuals, and those with disordered eating backgrounds.*

In furthering his support development, Tom is studying Cognitive-Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC).

*Please be aware that coaching is not suitable for those who have existing eating disorders. This specific counselling and therapeutic work requires a specialist, and is outside of Tom Herbert’s scope of practice.

Want to ask if coaching right for you, or any questions?

Notable clients

What is cognitive behavioural nutrition?

useful. coaching is approach draws on cognitive behavioural theory—that our thoughts, emotions, body, and behaviour are interconnected. That each of these are targets for positive change, and changing one, will change the others. Read more about his cognitive behavioural approach to nutrition coaching.