Client Reviews

The logistics of living in a van full time, living around the American West, working construction, climbing, training and trying to shed fat was a lot for a nutritionist to accomodate. Tom nailed it. After assessing my situation, goal Tom crafted an approach which let me lose the fat in a controlled, sustainable manner, adjust my food habits and thinking about food, whilst I increased my finger strength and managed both a heavy training load, and an adventurous climbing load. His personalized, thoughtful approach showed me how to take control of my eating and have it complment my life, training and climbing. I have the skills for continuous fine tuning and experimentation as my situation changes. Great three months having Tom help me out. Deffo worth the investment in yourself. Thanks Tom!

Craig, USA

Signing up for the 3 months nutrition coaching program was one of the best things I did for myself in 2020. As many female climbers and runners I had not been eating enough protein and was constantly underfueling without being fully aware of it. Tom really helped me in dialling in my nutrition and better understanding my nutritional needs to fuel performance and be healthier. I really liked his scientific-based approach, in-depth knowledge and attention to my needs. It supported me in staying on a healthier path also after the program ended. I can only recommend working with Tom, in particular for female climbers and runners.

Kathrin, USA

Working together with Tom has been a great experience and I am truly happy I reached out to him. For whatever reason you are thinking about nutrition coaching if it is to optimise performance, body composition or get a healthier relationship with food it is worth it. Tom's commitment exceeded all my expectations. I have learned a lot during our time, one of the biggest lessons I take with me is realising how much I was underfueling my training. Tom helped me set new targets and showed me how energetic, strong and happy I can feel. During our work he was always there to support and make sure I was ok. It was a massive help to have someone with Tom's knowledge step in and encourage me to keep going when I otherwise would have fallen back to old habits. For me it was easy to open up and trust Tom to help me, I think that's because Tom's genuine wish to help really shines through.

Nanna, Sweden

I sat down and put some thought into what my nutrition goals are, initially just in the next couple of weeks, and am going to implement a lot of the stuff you taught me to strike that balance. I'm telling you this so you know that all that stuff has stuck and I think will stay with me long-term! Times are pretty mentally tough eh, and my very normal response to weighing a high-point tells me that our work literally drew a line under an eating disorder followed by years of disordered behaviour that followed me around for nearly 15 years - half my life. I don't think I can possibly explain the value of ending that much pain. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Female, UK

I continue to use what I learned from working with you and I really value the knowledge and the adjustments to how I eat. Thank you again for all the time and care over the months we worked together. I appreciate it!

Samuel, Canada

Thank you Tom. I have had a solid experience with you and your nutritional guidance. Not only did I achieve my desired nutritional and weight loss goals, I also learned how to effectively fuel workouts, recover faster, and utilize supplements. I am climbing stronger (and lighter) than I did when I was much younger.

Jas, USA

When I started working with Tom it was sort of out of desperation. I had inconsistent eating habits, didn't know how to fuel for my training and was miserable about the relationship between what I ate and how I felt about myself. I couldn't have hoped to have gained as much as I did from the coaching. I know how to consistently fuel myself for training so that I can do myself justice and I enjoy doing so. I would unreservedly recommend Tom. He takes an evidence based approach and combines it with empathy and a desire to help. Tom is not just a quick fix or diet plan - although he did help me to achieve results quickly. He helped me to lead in making my own changes and taking control of my own nutrition so that I no longer need the coaching and feel empowered to fuel my body for climbing going forwards.

Lisa, UK

As both an athlete and a coach I found it really useful to learn about my own eating habits and how I can also help others. I also think the unlimited support was really good and I am trying to implement more support becasue of this in my own coaching. I found that it was a lot easier to focus on my nutrition and learn because of the fact I had paid for professional help too, as it reduced any decision fatigue surrounding diet as I could trust Toms opinion rather than second guessing my own. I probably could have spent hours and hours researching everything I asked Tom, and worked out my own diet schedule out etc eventually but as an athlete I know it's best to put my trust in someone who knows a lot more, so that I can focus my energy into training. I learnt a lot from him for my own coaching too so that I feel I can help others with smaller issues and eating habits, but would certainly recommend Tom to any of my clients who are interested in taking the next steps in learning about and optimising thier own nutriton.

Seth, UK

I started working with Tom as I’d set myself a goal of breaking into a new sport grade on an upcoming trip to Margalef and Rodellar. I was already working with Lattice for my training, and things were going well, but I was curious to see what else I could improve or optimise. At the beginning of the process, I thought I was in good shape. I weighed around 57.5kg (I’m 163cm), very lean and low body fat but felt strong. My diet was filled with whole foods and I tended to avoid anything I considered to be ‘crap’. I was quite militant! When we started working together and I kept a food diary, it became apparent right away that despite the quality of the food I was eating, I was under-fuelling my training, and also my recovery. Tom set me some goals - broadly, increasing my overall energy intake, reducing my protein (which I was massively over-shooting) and upping my carbs and fat. It felt like a big jump - but I trusted the process. The impact on my training and recovery was immediately noticeable. I had more power in my sessions, and was able to recover faster in between. Initially, I gained about 0.5kg, yet felt stronger (and my training output increased in both quality and metrics). I did a very short but hard deficit before my trip to polish things off. By the time I left, I weight around 1.5kg more than I would normally be for a sport trip. Again, I trusted the process and tried not to worry about it. The results spoke for themselves. On the trip, I was able to put in far more quality redpoint attempts on hard (for me) projects, and my recovery between days was hugely improved - something I’d always struggled with. The biggest improvement has been my relationship with food - I’d always considered it healthy, but in hindsight I can recognise restrictive behaviour, how guilty I felt even having an occasional treat, and how it impacted my mental health, being so concerned with staying as lean as possible. I’ve since realised it’s just not necessary, and actually it’s quite annoying that I limited my potential during months (even years) of training! Tom was so supportive and compassionate throughout the whole process. He was always there to answer my questions, doubts, concerns, or just check in with me to see how things were going. I can’t recommend Tom enough - if you have a goal, he’ll go out of his way to help you achieve it.

Dan, UK

The 1 month consultation I’ve found to be really useful at increasing my knowledge of how I should be fuelling for my goals. The support you’ve given and the setting of macro targets based on my training schedule allows me to create my own meal plans by adjusting what I already eat rather than starting from scratch. Combined with the tools you’ve shared this feels like a long term and achievable change in my nutrition that has already begun to show changes in lowering my body fat and increasing muscle tone over the short term. Looking forward to seeing how these new nutritional skills translate to my climbing performance!

Ed, UK