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Cognitive behavioural nutrition coaching for elite rock climbers, and all aspiring climbing athletes!
Aidan Roberts, North Wales

Tom Herbert is a leading international climbing nutrition strategist, facilitator, and mindsetter. His contextual, behavioural, and neuroscientific coaching approach has supported over 300+ unique sport and boulder rock climbers performing from V4 to 9a+. Hobbyists, international IFSC competitors, and some of the most accomplished rock climbers in the world.

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Supporting your journey

useful. coaching starts at £400 for six weeks, and can be extended for £200 per month with unlimited video calls, or choose your support level from £100 per month. Book your coaching start!

Real lives in the real world

Your life doesn’t fit on a PDF, and your plans will change whether you want them to or not. useful. coaching is not downloadable, but real-time personalised guidance, helping you make flexible choices for the real world.

Coaching not consultations

Unparalleled support in the field! With direct text messaging, and unlimited video calls, we meet as much as you want. Not great business practice, but guarantees phenomenal client results.

Brain, body, behaviour

useful. coaching is influenced by cognitive behavioural theory—that our thoughts, emotions, body, and behaviour are interconnected. That each of these are targets for positive change, and changing one, will change the others.

Eat, train, eat again, repeat

Dramatically change your understanding of eating and supplementation using the concept of “signals and substrates”—leveraging nuanced food and supplement timing to perform better, sleep deeper, and recover faster than anyone else.

Body composition for life

Your body is not a ledger, it does not keep track of your energy and nutrient needs the way you think. Learn how to manage energy and nutrient availability, that allows you to achieve your unique optimised body composition for life.

Just wanted to say thanks for your help with the project!

Hazel Findlay, UK

I still hold that working with you for that period is one of the most valuable things I’ve done for health and climbing, as I’m a lot more confident that what I’m putting in my body is working for me in the best way possible.

Robbie Phillips, UK

Tom did not just hand me a diet plan, he equipped me with strategic nutritional tools and taught me how to use them. He also offered a safe space for me to share when I was feeling low with respect to body image or performance and never failed to remind me that that’s life and we are not robots, things happen, and even simply from a scientific perspective, one day off will not reverse all the progress.

Ellie, UK

10/10 would recommend Tom to anyone, especially women who need some help getting beyond their undereating tendencies!

Erin, USA

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Media Interviews

If you host a podcast, Youtube channel, coaching platform, organise workshops or events, and are in interested in inviting Tom Herbert to chat or present on any aspect of climbing nutrition and/or climbing nutrition coaching, do reach out:

Climbsci Podcast

Launched in 2017, and hosted by Tom Herbert (usefulcoach), and Brian Rigby (Climbing Nutrition), ClimbSci is an evidence-based webcast covering scientific topics related to climbing and climbers, notably nutrition, training, recovery, and performance.

Though new episode releases are currently on pause, the primary climbing nutrition episodes covering protein, carbohydrate, and fat are excellent resources for the background science and practical intake recommendations.

Search for “ClimbSci” in your podcast software, or visit ClimbSci - Better Climbing Through Science to subscribe.