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Working with climbers to optimise body-composition and climbing performance, non-climbers physique and strength. Coaching people to #beuseful.

Strength that has effort in it is not what you need; you need the strength that is the result of ease. — Ida P. Rolf PhD.

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  • 06/2018: Launched the ResetSend Workshops.
  • 06/2018: Currently republishing site, a few mobile responsive issues, some older content has not been ported over yet.

Climbing Performance / Nutrition Coaching

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    Climbing Physical Preparedness (CPP)

    Adjunct movement, strength and conditioning training for climbing, focused on removing limitations and compensation patterns, developing strength and power with minimal muscle weight gain.

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    Climbing Nutrition

    Bespoke weight-sensitive nutrition coaching for climbers looking to maximise climbing performance, training output, and recovery whilst minimising muscle weight gain. Optimising energy systems and training adaptations with periodised nutrition strategies.

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    ResetSend Workshops

    Breathing, mindset, muscle activation, and movement workshops that improve nervous system response, body awareness, reducing injuries, and facilitating optimal climbing readiness and performance.

Articles / Resources

To mitigate internet ‘kipple’ and for reasons of coaching, climbing or being generally more useful outside of writing website copy; if there is something posted below, it’s probably an interesting read.

I enjoy long walks, longer sentences, and am a serial user of the Oxford comma.