Coaching people to #beuseful

"Strength that has effort in it is not what you need;
you need the strength that is the result of ease."
— Ida P. Rolf PhD.
Aidan Roberts, Team GB

Tom Herbert is a solution-focused performance nutritionist, mindset, movement, strength and conditioning coach, and educational speaker. Coaching Be Activated / Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR®) and neuromuscular facilitation. He works with international amateur and professional climbers including a number of Team GB athletes. Co-host of the ClimbSci podcast, and generally making himself useful.

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Climbing Nutrition Coaching

International online bespoke nutrition coaching for climbers looking to improve their strength to weight ratio, power reserve, endurance conditioning, training recovery, and more. Perodised nutrition and supplementation strategies. Project and competition preparation. Lattice Training program support.

Be Activated / Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR®)

Hands-on bodywork sessions, individual and team coaching in the Be Activated / Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR®) systems: breathing and self-applied neurological drills that reset compensation patterns, and dramatically improve performance.


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Cardio-metabolic Analysis of Wim Hof Method Practioners

Spent the day running PNOE cardio-metabolic analysis with Artur Paulins and Martin Petrus of the N.ICE Collective, and Darren Barber at Barbers Gym. A screencast of the results will follow.

Coaching Collaboration

I recently collaborated with climbing coach Louis Parkinson and Andrew MacFarlane who had the ambitious goal of climbing his first V7 after just 1 month of training.